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Originally Posted by joey2665
Waste of money. Leave it as it is, maybe just add a few more lighted spars at minimal cost. How many serious incidents have there been in the last 5 years at the witches?
Hmmm. Same as Middle Ground Shoals, I bet. I know the lake is a lot busier than it used to be, but there are times when I believe it was better when the Public Utilities Commission was in charge instead of Safety and DES. Like many other things, when people start asking their legislators to pass a law, the long term result is not always the intended outcome. And you get Department Commissioners who tell staff to "put a buoy there" (because my friend doesn't want so many boats coming so close?). Now, we have a logical MP who removes unnecessary buoys because there really is no hazard. Good job, MP. DES says there are certain classes of docks that present no environmental impact, but they don't want to stop regulating them. The Legislative dock study commission couldn't meet because they couldn't get a quorum. Are they really interested? Time to figure out that we just don't need more regulation. Just let MP do their law enforcement job, and read your own chart to avoid prop damage. Here endeth the rant.
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