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Originally Posted by Descant View Post
Are you serious??

I don't think anybody else on this thread is.

BTW, other lighthouses on Winnipesaukee were privately funded. Of course they are on private property where you are quite welcome to spend money anyway you want. You'd have to negotiate a 99 year lease for the Witches and then negotiate with Shore Things to build. I expect she'd enjoy the challenge. Can't be much trickier than building on Wilcomb (sp?) Island.
We've already met. As we explained to them in the meeting we, NHDES, are not the biggest challenge here. The biggest underlying problem here is that NHDES lacks the authority to approve a project that that takes public land and transfers it to a private holding. That authority rests with the Governor and Executive Council. They need to figure out who is going to take ownership of this and be responsible for maintaining it. Once they figure that out they can move forward in pursuing the construction and potential land transfer.
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