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Originally Posted by barefootbay View Post
Where have all the turkeys gone? There were many in our neighborhood,and used to see them beside the roads as well. Havenít seen a single turkey in a couple of months.
NHís wild turkeys are nomadic, to an extent. Their travels take them to where they find the best food source for the season. In Summer, lots of insects and berries keep them well fed...Fall and the seeds and nut crops are where they can be found (unless molested or driven out by predators including hunters) in winter the neighborhood bird feeders are where they can be frequently, seen as well as scratching through the snow or leaves for leftover nuts. In short they spend their days foraging and their evenings roosting in treetops, usually, deciduous, treetops devoid of leaves so they might see a predator approaching while on the roost. It always blows my mind when I see them roosting up high in a bare tree on a frigid winter night! Brrrrrrr!
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