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Originally Posted by ApS;
In reviewing that video again, the camera seems to move and yaw [U
with[/U] the boat, which would tend to rule-out a drone. So how was that footage made?
There's a long flexible extension, attached to the lower area on the transom, that holds the video camera up and out, in place back there for a good moving picture shoot.

Towards the end of the clip you can see the base attached to the bottom of the transom, and also see the extension arm, out of focus.

Is made with a somewhat flexible material? Maybe they found an old aluminum roof rake handle at the Wolfeboro transfer station, 18' long, and adapted a base and a camera holder to it, using Gorilla tape. ...... .......$8.98/roll for the good strong stuff at the new Heath's Hdwe in Lakeport ...... when there is NO second chance!
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