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Talking The Lake's Too Small...

Originally Posted by fatlazyless View Post
My next door neighbor has something like a 1980 Contessa-32' sailboat, made in England and it supposedly weighs in at 16,000 lbs with its' weighted keel. Its a beautiful dark blue hull with a white upper and all white sails. It has four stays, bow-stern-port-starboard ..... stays-all around going from hull to top of aluminum mast ..... and it steers with a tiller handle and NOT a steering wheel .... so it is good-to-go through those large North Sea swells off the island nation of Great Britain. It swings from a mooring, close to Horse Island, out front here, awaiting the next big windy day here on Lake Winnipesaukee. It's a real looker and you've probably seen it out and about. It is in beautiful condition ...... just a fantabulous big water sailboat! Here's a video of a different similar sailboat ...... ..... ".... romping across the North Minch on her way from Stornoway to Stromness."
You are aware the boat in the original video is twice as long, weighs about the same, and is capable of speeds exceeding 40 knots?

In reviewing that video again, the camera seems to move and yaw with the boat, which would tend to rule-out a drone. So how was that footage made?
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