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Default Looking for information on Dick's Cottages - Alton Bay

Good afternoon, all,

I am looking for anyone who remembers or had knowledge of a place in Alton Bay are called Dick's Cottages. I know it's not called that anymore as it was owned by my grandmother and she sold it back in maybe the mid to late 50's? That's a guess. I believe it is on the side heading to Gunstock and off of 11-D (?). There was the main house up on the hill and you walked down and across the road and there were 5 or 6 cottages right near the water. I still have a bar of soap with the name "Dick's Cottages" on it. It was owned by her first husband, Dick Balukjian. If anyone remember or has knowledge about them, I would love to talk to you. Perhaps you knew my grandmother, Lillian. Feel free to email me at

Thank you for listening!
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