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Just one large Canada goose that has an aluminum band on its left leg with an imprinted number starting with 3 is the only goose I used to feed Cheez-its by tossing them out, frisbee style. Apparently, it has not been present since the summer of 2016 when an eagle ate its' mates' nesting eggs, or something.

The two gooses rebuilt the nest every spring, March to May, in the same exact spot in 2012-13-14-15-16 until an eagle attacked the nest, drove off the mother nesting goose, and ate all her eggs. These two gooses have not been back since 2016?

Gooses apparently don't rexognize Cheez-its as food at first, but will probably get to like the taste after testing it, floating in the water....... like, what is this orange thing that just landed here?
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