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Originally Posted by Descant View Post
1. Bud is a superior product
2. Coors doesn't have Clydesdales
3. Bud pays huge taxes to Merrimack and to NH
4. Bud provides hundreds of NH jobs
5. Bud opened a new Biergarten last year. Stop in and try it.
6. And while we're talking about goose poop, Bud is a major user of the local wastewater treatment facility, keeping sewer fees low for the rest of us.

Oh. And Thin Mints over Oreos. And Fungicles are better than Popsicles.
Just realized Descant is in Merrimack, too. I was a bit concerned the InBev buyout would be a bad thing, but so far they've done everything right.

Agreed on feeding wildlife--ok if minimal.

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