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Exclamation White Pines--Best for The Lake...

Originally Posted by winterh View Post
I did find a place that sells a type of Beatle that feeds on these things. That seems interesting.
Beetles would probably work locally, but would likely need to be applied to each tree every spring.

In anticipation that your row of Hemlocks eventually succumb to WHA, I'd plant one White Pine sapling between each Hemlock. (Most understory woody trees are sun-crowded out by Hemlocks--including White Pines). After 15 years, you can select-out the weaker evergreen.

White Pines are fast growers, and a next-door neighbor who's planted hundreds has a huge privacy fence since 2006! Nobody's going to drive on their property...

You'll remember the former airport on Wolfeboro Neck--check it out.
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