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Originally Posted by Juiced06GTO View Post
Maxum did you move off the lake?

The guys in the hot rod world love E85 if you can set the EFI up the right way with larger fuel pump, injectors, etc., it makes lots o power! I never bothered with my race car because E85 is tough to find out here.
I didn't just move off the lake, I moved to Idaho. For sure the hardest thing was to part ways with was my place on Bear Island. Thing is as I was weighing a lot of things, the property taxes in NH are just plain stupid and long term planning for retirement was looking bleak at the prospects of being able to hang on to two properties in NH as the amount of the checks I was stroking for taxes alone was getting to be insane now never mind 10 or 30 years from now.

No worries I'll be back to visit.
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