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Originally Posted by LakeDad View Post
My problem is lack of house commitment.
I buy one, make careful upgrades that are likely to yield a return (or at least not a loss), find another home, and do it again.

My longest ownership ever was 4 years. Iíve owned 4 homes since 2014.

Itís always ďthe oneĒ until it isnít.

Because of that, it would make no sense to install solar under any circumstances, unless I was stone cold settled on staying for 20 years. Of course, as soon as I make that commitment, Iíll see another house the next day [emoji23]

Iím not complaining: Itís been financially favorable, but we always joke about never going too far with upgrades.
Be careful. Sounds like a lot of eggs in one basket. Another 2008 will come again and the eggs will all break at the same time.
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