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Default Your anger is misplaced!!!

The NBC network won the rights to broadcast the NHL Stanley cup playoffs. It is THEIR decision to broadcast it on a channel (NBC Sports network) that is a premium channel.

There are still a great deal of people who do not have cable or a satellite system for their TV. They still have the antennas on their roof. They are cut out of any game that was not on a standard NBC station. They would not receive programming from MSNBC or their sports network.

The NBC Sports Network is not normal lineup channel for almost all carriers. It is almost always a premium channel that is in the upper echelon of premium channels. To get it, and others like it, you have to have all the underlying packages. Not cheap.

Sooooooo, the blame is not Metrocast, Dish, DirectTV, TWC....nope it the same Network Conglomerate, NBC who has messed up the Weather channel and others under their corporate umbrella. But that is a different thread in a different forum.

Bottom line, direct your attention to NBC.
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