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Originally Posted by Superduty1 View Post
I can't speak for all foundation companies, but I had a great experience when we did ours.

Frank Lundy did the excavation.
Granite State Movers did the lift.
Bayside Concrete did the footings, walls and floors.

They all worked together and they needed to as it was done in several phases. There were unknowns found during the job, they worked thru them completing the job on time with no extra cost! Workmanship, site clean up, and the finished job exceeded our expectations. Get quotes, visit past customers, and plan as much as possible in advance. If your not familiar with construction and construction management hire a good GC so you have somebody to lean on if things don't go as planned.
hi Super duty, I was doing some research on this as well, would you be able to tell me (PM is fine) how you coordinated them all together and let got them on the same page with a timeline - do they all know each other and have they worked together before
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