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Originally Posted by Major View Post
"Police will also put portable cameras at key spots on the trail to further enhance security.

Volunteer “ambassadors” also frequent the trails to answer questions or report any problems."

Facts are facts. 150+ incidents over 6 years. If it's so safe, why do we need to put portable cameras at key spots and volunteer "ambassadors?"

The truth is that it is an avenue of egress for criminals. Obviously, it is safer during the day than at night.

Read the police log for Laconia. It is a much different place. On average, there's 20-30 individuals ("no known address") identified in the paper for some type of drug infraction. These people roam the streets of downtown, and the WOW trail. My wife has had two separate incidents, in broad daylight, where she thought one of these creeps was following her. One in front of Genesis and one in front of the Laconia Spa. You can ignore the issue all you want, but the fact is that there are a lot of unsavory people who inhabit downtown Laconia.

Regarding the police chief's comments, what is he supposed to say? The WOW trail is riddled with criminals? Of course not. What they have done -- cameras and "ambassadors" -- speaks volumes. The former police chief, whom I know pretty well, and have discussed this issue with, shared with me the LPD's real position on the WOW trail. They wish it didn't exist. It makes policing more difficult. He described it as an avenue of egress for criminals who commit crimes in downtown Laconia. He also described it as an attractive nuisance for homeless people who put up shelters off the trail.

And finally, Poor Richard, it's called sarcasm. Get a clue.
Major, you're a little late.

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