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Unhappy Metrocast cable - double digit increases ad infinitum

We've had Expanded Basic cable TV service with Metrocast for many years. (No phone, internet or converter box). This past January they hit us with an effective rate increase of 14.9%; the previous year it was 10.1%. After reviewing our bills for the past 12 months, I discovered that the cost of Expanded Basic cable TV is now greater than the cost of electricity for our household (by @ $130 this year)! Granted, we have oil heat/hot water and no kids living at home. Even so, this realization was eye-opening, to say the least. I called Metrocast and was told that they will only refund about 1/3 of the actual per diem cost for early cancellation, or we'd downgrade to basic cable today. Instead, I calendared a reminder to call them back on the last day of our billing period.
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