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Thank you for your concern, but I received my J&J shot during the same month it arrived in my Florida county—and mentioned that fact here.

One month after my $120 Shingrex vaccination, Walgreens took care of the entire COVID-19 process in 20 minutes last May, and handed me documentation. I brought a magazine to while-away the waiting period.

Your link to the NYTs hits a paywall. Does the article deal with politics?

Know that I look for articles that have objectivity, balance—and last but not least—the truth. Among all the MSM, the NYTs omits what it deems you don't need to know; however, I do read their archived accounts of both World Wars and the U.S. Civil War with great interest.

But, as the New York Post reports:

...stories were based on anonymous, unidentifiable sources, but had become deeply enmeshed in the public consciousness. Both confirmed the assumptions of the nation’s left-leaning media and academic elite, while damaging their political enemies. And both were driven by The New York Times, where malicious misreporting has been the practice...
(I receive news updates several times a day from the New York Post, which doesn't need five writers to get the article the way they want it).
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