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Originally Posted by MDcaptive View Post
Hey all, i came across this forum because i'm considering moving to the area... and frankly this thread and the results from the research it has prompted me to do scares me a bit. {big snip-a-roo}

Don't worry. For the most part I doubt you'd find any hassle from the NHMP. There are some rules, such a those pertaining to "rafting", and the MP's enforcement thereof, that rile people up. For the most part their presence is in the background, unnoticed. The lake is quiet in the weekdays and even on the weekends before July and after August. During the summer there are places and times where the lake gets busy and it seems more like driving in Boston than it does in ... say ... Waterville. Even then for the most part I find the Capt B's to be more rude and inconsiderate than outright reckless. Still nothing compared to boating out of Beverly harbor or out of Newburyport or ....
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