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Default It's "Too Complicated"...

Originally Posted by VtSteve View Post
"...You can always tell when someone has no argument, no answers, and no position based on facts at all...I might also add that I haven't read a post yet where someone has actually been stopped for breaking the law, and has come online to complain about it..."
One poster came here to say he wasn't cited for speeding by the MPs. (In Tuftonboro Bay).

The only fine I can recall of a lakefront resident (a neighbor) was more than 40 years ago. (No spotter). I never discovered the final result about a second neighbor who, after receiving a ticket for no spotter, proceeded to waterski again behind his Jet-Ski—at night! (His Jet-Ski was impounded by the MPs that night).

There's something wrong with perception?

Originally Posted by EricP View Post
glad to hear you guys made it up, are you still here?
FYI & BTW...Among the other rules around Winnipesaukee, we have a rule here about "chat".

Originally Posted by dog paw View Post
"...On our home lake 150 ft would lock it down..."
On my "other" lake, I couldn't miss the odor of a big gasoline spill about 300' away: The owner of the dock made many passes to splash the gasoline off with his Jet-Ski!

Originally Posted by dog paw View Post
"...You guys have a awesome lake to play on! We covered every inch of it on our skis and have a new respect for "real" rough water, rock navigation, and our GPS LOL! Hope to get up again soon..."
It is an awesome lake, and thanks go to the MPs who try to keep it that way.

BTW: The most thorough way to "cover every inch of it" is by kayak: Idle speed is a better way to visit this lake, not as a "zip-boat". (IMHO).

Originally Posted by VtSteve View Post
"...nor did anyone hope the MP's would intentionally entrap boaters to see if they could force them to violate the law..."
1) Placing themselves in harm's way is one way to determine if a multi-offender knows a law exists (or even suspects that a law exists). It also gives the MP an "up-close" chance to see if a suspected offender is deranged, drugged, or drunk.

2) In a crowded situation, how better to halt a "called-in" offender's depredations on other boaters?

(A Complainant is a "10-18" in MP lingo).

Originally Posted by VtSteve View Post
"...The reason you're seemingly enjoying yourself this summer has far more to do with the nasty weather and the economy than anything else you perceive... I read reports of slow activity on lakes around the country, with very few exceptions, for those very reasons...Lake Champlain is practically abandoned..."
You weren't on Lake Winnipesaukee this past weekend! I had to quit boating on Sunday due to being beat up by all the wakes, "cross-wakes", and "rogue-wakes"!

On Saturday in the middle of the Broads off Rattlesnake, I watched MP-11 traveling at "flank speed" (about 35-MPH ). He was overtaken within ~200'—and passed—by a 40-footer going nearly double that speed! Did the lights and siren go on?


Originally Posted by VtSteve View Post
"...In general, the vast majority of people that appear to be disgruntled with their encounters with the MP have done nothing wrong..."
Not "HOW do you know", but "how could you POSSIBLY know"?

Originally Posted by elchase View Post
"...people complain about the omnipresence of the MP. In others, they complain about their lack of visibility..."
We haven't read—as yet—of a single person here being cited (or fined) by the MPs: moreover, we've seen where one denied receiving a ticket, and we've seen where a telephone call to the MP office will get the ticket cancelled!

Originally Posted by hazelnut View Post
"...I wish it were as simple as you stated winnipesaukeenh "to all of the people complaining about being pulled over, stop breaking the law. " but it isn't.
Like many lawyers will tell you, some things are just "too-complicated" to understand, right?
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