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I just hate BS, which seems to be in abundance lately. This isn't Washington DC where generalized innuendo and false statements seems to spew from an endless ocean of BS.

You can always tell when someone has no argument, no answers, and no position based on facts at all. They use diversion as a first course, attacks on the poster is another favorite, and when all else fails, just make it up. These tactics work very well in DC, because both sides feel the need for a team win.

Case in point, if police on the roads engaged in the activities that the MP's have been described doing on the lake this summer, there's hardly anyone that wouldn't be going nuts about it. Every citizen has the right to be outraged over any behavior by a LEO that is rude, arrogant, dangerous, intimidating, or even unsafe, illegal, and a means of entrapment. It could very well be that the boys back at headquarters have been reading these threads, as I directly suggested they do.

I defy anyone to go back through any of the more contentious threads, or this year's more civil discussions, and point to anyone that has disparaged LEO's, or whined about them doing their duty. If anything, many of us were calling for more active enforcement of the laws on the books which are broken routinely. If the MP's on the lake at any given time (weekends), were solely to stop boaters that were engaging in unsafe and illegal activity, they wouldn't have any time left to engage in childish behavior that benefits no one.

I can only hope that some of the more disingenuous posters experience some of these MP's being discussed up close and personal. Almost to a person, those complaining about the actions of the MP this year are people that not wild, crazy or dangerous boaters IMO. These people use facts in their posts, and do not pop up out of thin air with a new posting name to spout some nonsense. Most are boaters that either can't exceed the speed limit, or very rarely have on the water. I might also add that I haven't read a post yet where someone has actually been stopped for breaking the law, and has come online to complain about it. If I've missed any, sorry for being remiss.
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