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I think its like this on most lakes. Seem a shame to see the "control factor" get out of hand on such a nice large lake as Winnipesaukee. As a newbie on Winnipesaukee riding PWC's the wife and I found out real fast about the 150ft thing and "boating lisense" I say, down south we dont need no stinkin lisense In our case the MP officer asked us where we were staying, told us to go to Trexler's like right now and take the test and gave us a bag of info on NH laws and sent us on. I have never been treated that nice on our home lake when pulled over for not breaking any laws.

On our home lake 150 ft would lock it down. To close is when the spray from the other boat hits you or there kid bumps off you on one of those insepid toobs. The MP's spend the days at marinas busting PWC'c and go fast's for moving foward at any speed in a no wake area. A 30 ft day cruiser dragging a tube in circles 20 ft from anything and in 10 ft of water is OK.

I should post pics.... You guys have a awesome lake to play on! We covered every inch of it on our skis and have a new respect for "real" rough water, rock navigation, and our GPS LOL! Hope to get up again soon.
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