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In my 30 hours on the boat so far this year have actually seen LESS MP presence. The exception being last weekend in Moultonboro. Saw 3 MP boats.
I'm very confused about the contradictions around this forum. In some threads, people complain about the omnipresence of the MP. In others, they complain about their lack of visibility. In some threads, people complain that new laws are not causing them to change their ways or are actually causing them to boat more daringly. In other threads, the same people are complaining about the overbearing enforcement that is forcing them to slow down. Seems it's true that you can not please everyone and that no two people see the same thing the same way. All I know is that I have been able to get out in my sail boat much more often this year...even on weekends. And the fishing has been so much more enjoyable for my son and me, even into the late morning. And I've actually taken my wife and parents out to breakfast and dinner in the power boat a few times this year, even cutting across the Broads. All things that we could not do or enjoy in past years, because (for me at least) boating is so much slower, quieter, and more civilized this year. Perhaps that is the result of the MP "baiting" boaters, the high price of gas, or the bad economy. But certainly the new laws have also been a part, no matter what some people are saying here. By and large, people tend to obey the law, even if they grumble about having to do so, and that seems to be what we have been seeing this year. It's just my opinion, but there seems to be a disgruntled underbelly that will always try to sabotage anything they disagree with. You'll see the same poster in one thread saying the slowing down of boating is hurting the shoreline or economy, then in the next thread saying it is not having any effect. Meanwhile, those of us who have no need to speed about are enjoying this lack of effect while it lasts.
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