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I had an example of bush league MP action today that had me surprised and laughing. I was headed south, hugging the 3 red markers near Elkins point in M'boro bay. The MP was going north, on my starboard side, on a parallel line at least 300 feet away. As if taunting, the MP veered towards me, to close the distance. I could not believe it. It was so blatant. She was crowding me against the markers on purpose, forcing me to change course or come to idle. There was no way she needed to head me off. It was a clear case of MP abuse! Not one to be intimidated, I chuckled, cut in front of her (with at least 300 feet to spare) and headed sharply off to the west. However, her bonehead actions forced a change course and the MP lost another point of respect. It was one of the smaller MP boats. I have been noticing how the larger boats are showing more respect to other boaters and keeping their distance. Perhaps this one was looking to satisfy that end-of-month quota.
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