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Thumbs up Before "Ice-Out", When The Water Has Settled...

Originally Posted by fatlazyless View Post
Three days ago, I was down at the town docks boat ramp, at the big Meredith intersection, pounding away on the ice with a heavy ice chopper, looking to see if getting my boat out there was doable ……. and all that ice was thick and strong, maybe 3" thick and way too tough for ice chopping.

Now, it is totally all open water at the bottom of Meredith Bay ….. the ice is all gone …..and you could launch/retrieve a boat pretty good except for a little ice on the ramp itself.

You know that ice seems to be much stronger when the air temp is 15-degrees than when it is 30-degrees. At 15-degrees, it is much more difficult to break it up with an ice chopper.
On a sunny Spring say—about two or three days before "Ice-Out", select a spot in the Lake whose depth is known—and where Ice-Out boat travel can be expected to be minimal. With the sun directly overhead, peek at the bottom between ice floes. There's a good chance you can see lake bottom detail through 40-feet of water!
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