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Here are some sonar shots of the wreck that is the most intact of the three in Duck Trap Cove-about 80 feet out from the pier. If you are looking from the water at the pier and shore it is straight out about 100 feet from the right side of the pier not the left/southern end.

I tried to get in to scan the others but as I could not tow the sonar as usual due to super shallow water I used a bow mount (hung from the bow); However due to changing depths, big piles of rocks and other terrain issues causing issues they are not worth posting. Will try again later to get the others.

This one wreck has clear ribbing in the sonar image that as I previously posted are 4 feet on center. I always thought it was 80 feet long +- and it seems that is the case if you count the ribs or look at the measurement I took using the measurement tool in the sonar software.

The center piece of the vessel frame-the keel rib if that's what you want to call it-as I recall is huge; hand cut and very long-quite a piece of wood working. If any divers go to this wreck please get some good photos of this keel piece-it's a gem worth seeing.

Please note that if your computer monitor is not high resolution any sonar images I post may not be as clear as I see on mine, which is at 1900.

My thanks again to Tim Lawton for giving me this information; He found them in the 1980's.
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