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Default "Burglar supect is familiar to law enforcement"

There's an excellent long and detailed Bea Lewis report in the Thursday, August 25, Laconia Citizen on page A5. To read it, google "Burglary suspect is familiar to law enforcement" Bea Lewis, Laconia Citizen!

Here a few different sentences and paragraphs that I cherry-picked:

"Attorney James Moir, who represented Shepard, had initially asked the trial court to overturn the jury's verdict claiming the evidence proved that driver inattention - and not alcohol, drugs, speed, mechanical defect or the weather - played a role in the crash."

"Motorcyclists Gary and Joyce Varden and Claudia Huffman, who were vacationing from Indiana and attending Motorcycle Week, all died in the June 11, 2006 crash in Thornton."

"Just before the collision, Shepard's car headed toward the center double yellow line ...."

"In overturning the conviction, the Supreme Court found there was no evidence that Shepard had consumed any alcohol or drugs before driving. Nor was there any evidence that he was speeding."

"At most, the evidence shows that his car inexplicably drifted over the double yellow line and into oncoming traffic for no more than two seconds."

"Chief Justice John Broderick dissented."
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