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Default Info on "Belle of the Waves"

Sounds like a fit...

Repritned from "Three Centuries on Winnipesaukee" by Paul H. Blaisdell 1936

The "Belle of the Wave" was one of the first of the Blackstone-built Winnipesaukee boats, having been constructed in 1881 by Herbert A. Blackstone for Ansel Lamprey. The hull was seventy-two feet long with a twelve-foot beam and was equipped with a Paine engine and an upright boiler. When completed the "Belle" went into service between Lakeport and Long Island, to connect with the "Mount Washington."

The last of the trio of well-known steamers to go during this era was the "Belle of the Wave," a victim of fire. This boat burned to the waters edge while tied up for the night at Long Island, in the year 1884.
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