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Default Diving The Wrecks

Diver1111 was kind enough to take Capt Pat and I to dive these wrecks on 07/16/11. Here are my dive notes:

1st wreck - Depth: 18 feet.

2nd wreck - Depth: 29 feet. To find it, leave the middle of the 1st wreck at a compass heading of about 100 degrees. Swim about 200-250 feet with a wreck reel. You should pass to the right of a big rockpile which is just before the 2nd wreck.

3rd wreck - Depth: 16 feet. To find it, leave the middle of the first wreck at a compass heading of about 180 degrees and swim a short distance to the wreck.

The third wreck is the only one that has the structure of a boat. The other 2 look like barges. If this is, indeed, the Belle of the Waves, once again Diver1111 has uncovered more history of Lake Winnipesaukee.

Ya gotta love Side Scan Sonar!
Lake Winni - The only place I want to be during the summer.

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