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Default No Wind-Storm Insurance Before or After Hurricane...

Originally Posted by NHN8V View Post
i guess not all home depots have the same policy. I was denied a veterans 10% discount at home depot using my VA medical ID because my card did not have the words "service connected" printed under my picture; happened at home depots in Rochester NH, Ocala FL, and Crystal River FL, all true statements.
This site says, in part:
"Discounts may be hit or miss. At the end of the day, we should appreciate the fact that these companies are making an effort to support our community. If the discount isnít applied, then please thank them anyway and show these companies our gratitude and appreciation for supporting our community".
FWIW-1: While using their parking lot to turn around, I spotted a new banner at K-Mart that offered a "10% Veterans discount".

FWIW-2: After Hurricane Irma, I sure could have used a 10% Home Depot military discount, but between soldering-in a new HD water heater, replacing two HD doors, resetting a flattened chain link fence upright, and replacing a garage door, the paperwork seemed like a lot of trouble. Other HD Hurricane Irma trouble.

(And now we're told the discount is "Hit-or-Miss").

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