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Default Channel Ski Club

In the mid-60's, Bob Ober started the Channel Ski Club, at least, he filed the paperwork. (He owned Lazy Bones Boat Charters) The boat charter b usiness drew more of his attention ad he did nothing with the club. He turned it all over to a group of teenagers who had access to a jump, and it was anchored in a NW corner of Paugus Bay. A neighbor let us store it on the nearby beach for the winter. I learned to jump there. As you lean into the side to aim for the jump, you may be going faster than the boat and it takes a good driver to keep the slack out of the towrope so you don't sink when you land. Yes, you definitely needed "jumpers", longer, reinforced. They wqere made by Cove-Craft in Laconia "Aqua Sport" was the ski brand name. Many of the marathon skiers used jumpers, too. Their bindings had a rubber ankle strap that went over your instep and was much more secure than the design where you slide the heel piece back and forth. Ironically, Cove Craft also made wooden crutches.
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