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Default Free Admission: 1954 Water Skiing Competition Lake Opechee

Free Admission to the 1954 Water Skiing Competition on Lake Opechee. Not a particularly great video, (sorry no sound) but perhaps of some interest to history buff's that enjoy watching old videos about the lakes region or folks that are water -skiing enthusiasts that remember how big of a sport is was back then and the different organized clubs the region had years ago.

I always wanted to try the ski jump on Winnisquam back in the 60's that was positioned in the same general area of where the original Winnisquam water ski races started and ended. Across the street from the current Lake House at Ferry Point Inn before they starting using the Dixon point beach to hold them. Wasn't afraid of doing the jump, was more fearful of breaking my moms hand / home maid water skis that dad had built. Last time I remember the jump was probably the late 70's or maybe one year in the early 80's. Anyone out there ever do it? As kids we were always told it takes special reinforced skis that won't break in half when you land.

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