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Default ... Barron's in beautiful Belmont!

The Baron's appliance store in nearby, beautiful Belmont is a totally excellent store, plus it has a bigger, wider, and broader selection of appliances than the big box stores.

It will price match and beat a price from a big box if you show them the big box estimate in writing. They can get appliances that the big boxes cannot get, plus all their prices are competitive, and they totally hate, hate, hate to lose a sale to a big box.

Plus, there's more going on with Baron's price policies than I know, as it's been a few years ..... but is worth the effort to go price shop at Baron's ..... before you reach for your piggy bank full of quarters.

Plus, if you mention you totally avoided the Vietnam draft lottery by hitting a #180 or higher, back in 1969-1972, they will present you with a small American flag, a loud military style drum roll, and present to you a bright orange colored wig ... .... just kidding ... ho-ho-ho.

Baron's Major Brands is the big box beater, which is how they survive in business for so long while located in Belmont, which is half way between the two Gilford and Tilton big box stores, and Baron's is all about appliances, so they can quickly get that off-size 24" propane stove, or 18" stainless dishwasher. You need to show up with a print-out or written big box estimate, and they will beat it, plus their sales and delivery people are more service oriented.
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