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Originally Posted by TiltonBB View Post
I think what you allude to is much more common at the stores on the MA/NH state line.
Yes it is fascinating that all those south of the border, support all that big government, heavy taxation and of course part of everyone must pay their fair share crowd, cry about income inequality and the endless litany of complaints shamelessly skirt the very system they put into place to fix this by shopping tax free in NH. Ain't that something!

Far as the Vets discount goes, Lowes really did it right (unlike Home Depot's feeble attempt to do the same - plus all the restrictions). I'm sure Lowes is reaping a lot of repeat customers as a result. I exclusively buy from them and will only give Home Depot business if I have no other choice.

Thanks to all the Vets on here, especially those who actually saw real combat.
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