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Originally Posted by fatlazyless View Post
On top of the 10% discount, veterans from Massachusetts who buy at the Gilford Lowe's also save from having to pay the 6.25% Mass sales tax, so that makes it a double-discount for Mass veterans.

The Mass sales tax is a sales and use tax, and Mass residents are supposedly supposed to still pay their 6.25% tax to Mass on items purchased in New Hampshire, but probably Mass has no way to really collect it, so it goes unpaid?

10% & 6.25% = 16.25% ....... wow ..... that's like a big discount, and there's lots of Mass license plates parked at Lowe's on the weekends plus on weekdays, too?

On the other hand, if you buy your paint, across the road at Walmart, it still costs less and it's Glidden paint, the 2nd biggest paint maker in the country, and is excellent paint ...... plus Walmart has these small brown paper bags of baked potato wedges for a price like $1.05, plus the 9% NH prepared food tax. Easy to eat as you walk about the store, going shopping.

Maybe New Hampshire could offer veterans a discount on the 9%-prepared food tax, and make it zero, to equal what you pay in tax for these potato wedges at a Massachusetts Walmart? And, these are some very good tasting baked potato wedges!
Glidden paint suxs! You won't see any quality professional painter using Glidden paint. The DIY customers buy it because it's cheap.
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