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Originally Posted by TheTimeTraveler View Post
Actually, if you go to the General Discussion Threads, and click on "Staffing Issues for Summer of 2021" you can read Post #6 that the Village Kitchen was debating on cutting hours due to staffing issues (posted by Samiam himself).

I really enjoy the Village Kitchen but do understand that if he doesn't cut his hours he will no longer have the staffing to provide value quality meals (and I think all of us want to see him stay in business and thrive).

It's a sad state of affairs when something like this happens, but the same staffing issues are affecting other restaurants over much of the Country (for various reasons such as too much unemployment assistance by the Government).

I predict in 2022 we will be complaining about inflation and how the prices of meals (as well as everything else) have become too expensive.
I think you're put your finger on the two key issues:

No doubt Washington has not helped--both parties responsible here, with Trump banning immigrants and Biden sending cash relief.

But closer to home--the "value" and "become too expensive" you mention. I would guess the local issue is that the VK's insanely good prices make it difficult to draw staff that can get paid higher tips at other restaurants. Higher prices might solve the staffing issue, but would folks pay them at the VK?
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