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Default ..... ambulatory care walker fitted w/ 4 vinyl tips

You know what makes an excellent training tool for learning how to ice skate?

Well, what makes an excellent learning tool for learning how to ice skate is ......

.... an ambulatory care walker fitted with four vinyl tips. Walkers are made so the height of the four legs is adjustable to the individual ice skater. remove the large rubber tips or two small wheels and replace them with FOUR VINYL TIPS that fit very tight. Vinyl crutch tips or caster tips are sold locally at Heath's Hardware in Center Harbor and the vinyl does a much better job of gliding across the ice than a rubber tip, plus they have to fit tightly, too, so they will stay on permanently.

The difference between vinyl and rubber is that vinyl glides across the ice with less friction than a rubber tip. Vinyl is almost without any friction on the ice, and you can really fly around a rink, fast, while supported by the four legged support stand as you learn your ice skating ability ..... weeeeeooooooo!!!

You and your walker go get out on the ice and do drills ...... going forward, backwards, circles right, circles left, circles right-backwards, circles left-backwards, repeat & repeat & repeat & repeat ..... using a walker to get better skating skills. You can use the walker with one arm extended like an out-rigger for circles-backwards to improve your level and do what had not been doable, previous, through repetition.

It goes a long way to enable learning to ice skate, and ice hockey is all about being an excellent, strong ice skater who can out-skate the other guy.


Besides it being a trainer support tool for the high energy, hockey player who wants to be a better ice skater, the walker with vinyl tips goes good for any skater, young or old who wants the extra security from taking a fall on the ice. These vinyl tip walkers work very good for older 70-105 year- old-skaters who have maybe lost some of their ice skating skills along the way ........... SCORE ONE for that 105-year old, Bobby Orr wannabee ice skater armed with a vinyl tip walker! ...
.... suffering killer, terrible terminal tinnitus!

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