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Hands down, on a older vehicle, don't get a plastic removable bed liner. The bed is likely aready scuffed, and the liner will promote the starting of Rust.

The sprayed-in liner is the only way to go. As long as the bed is prepped correctly any damage already existing in the bed will be taken care of and the new sprayed in liner will protect it and give it longevity just like you did it when the truck was new. I have used Line-X in all my trucks, I have only ever been exposed to what people here seem to be refering to as the "dull" option... didn't even know they did anything different. This almost never move, unless I slam on the brakes...the best thing is that it flexes and bends so beat it up, a friend had a bed that looked like a wash boarded road, and yet the line-X was still intact.. (a welll used truck)

As for Toneau, it really comes down to what you want to spend. I am cheap... I buy the cheapest extang classic cover... I have had to of them on different trucks... the last, and when you want it out of the way it is quick and easy to do so.... I have also seen people have sunbrella covering made for them after the vinyl one is no longer functional.....I am planning to do that myself with my current truck in another year or so.... I have never had an issue with water getting into the bed..... my only complaint is that on the current one, the snaps have all given out and needed to be replaced..... which hey gives me something to do, while watching the lake.....

Finally take the piece of advice, if you plan to keep the truck long term the sprayed in liner will be well worth the investment, and so will what ever toneau cover you buy. However if you are likely to get rid of the truck in a few years, while the sprayed in liner will give you a better trade in value, the Toneau covers usually don't add any value....
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