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Originally Posted by Winilyme View Post
Assuming they are coming from outside, you need to keep them out. I duh.

We had the same problem when we bought 8 years ago. Lived with it for two summers but over that next winter, we replaced all window screen mesh to a size that's much smaller than the normal. That was a simple matter of ordering the desired screen material online and bringing it and the screens to a local hardware store that replaced screening as a service. When installing each spring (I remove all the screens before winter) I also make certain that the screens fit firmly against the window frame - otherwise the bugs will simply find a way through open cracks around the screens.

The combination of these two actions minimized about 95 percent of the problem. Very small bugs can still find their way through the screens or around the occasional area where the screens are not firmly against their backing. Still, these efforts made a huge difference for us.

Go to for screen options. We purchased the black aluminum mesh and it's been very durable over the last six years. Added bonus: the screen mesh material is so fine that visibility through it is actually improved over the more standard mesh material we had before.
This is one of the keys not all screen mesh is made the same....
The other thing to do, is look around for possible points of entry.... late at night turn on all the lights and walk around out side, you might be surprised to find a few places that could use some caulking....
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