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Default Easy way around the crazies

Originally Posted by Juiced06GTO View Post
Ishoot, good to see ya back on the forum, haven't see ya around in a while!

We avoid Winni for the 4th and go to the family's place on Upper Suncook. They usually do a show from Camp Fatima there and it was pretty good this year. Lots of boats out, but no issues like you had thankfully!

One of these days I'm sure we'll venture out to the big lake for the fireworks, but it just hasn't lined up right yet.
One way around the crazies at the fireworks is to go early and stay late. We would head out in Alton or over to Wolfeboro by before 8pm and get anchored away from the mainstream of boaters. After the fireworks end, we pour another drink (not necessarily alcoholic) and finish off the food. Once the departing boat white lights were clearly individual lights and not a mass of white, we package everything up, have the blower on, secure the bimini if up, and pull the aft anchor. Start the engine, pull the bow anchor, and start a slow cruise back to the dock. Traffic? What traffic! The ride back is normally quite smooth and my nervous nelly Mrs. Upthesaukee would enjoy the ride home.

Just my take.

I Live Here... I am always UPTHESAUKEE !!!!
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