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Originally Posted by ishoot308 View Post
We went to Wolfeboro and it was an absolute nightmare for us… First off when it was time to leave someone refused to turn off their docking lights and was blinding everyone with them. When I said something to them I was the antichrist and every four letter word came out of their mouth as they screamed at me. They drove all the way out of the bay and even into the broads with their docking lights proudly on.

Then we heard someone screaming “mayday” “mayday” which as we all know is a life threatening emergency call on the water not to be taken lightly . We immediately reacted and started driving towards the mayday hail dragging our anchor as we thought someone was either sinking or having a heart attack. When we approached the boat in supposed “peril” and asked what the emergency was, we were very casually informed that there was no emergency and they simply needed a jump start as they left their electronics going while watching the fireworks and their boat would not start! They were at anchor 100’ from shore! When I questioned their mayday hail and refused to help them I was called everything under the Sun!

I have never in my life experienced such irresponsible boating and seamanship. To say I was disgusted would be a great understatement….

Sorry I went and probably won’t bother in the future!

Oof, that's horrible—sorry to hear that.

I can't speak to what the boating situation was at Center Harbor since we drove there, but I gotta think similar things occurred as it falls in line with many of the conversations that have taken place here and elsewhere.

I WILL say that people were respectful in line at Red Hill, cars stopped for us while crossing the street, nobody sat in front of us or parked too closely, people weren't obnoxious during the fireworks, and nobody cut us off while driving to and from CH, so that was a win.

(Though now that I think about it, someone did have a laser shining during the fireworks and there were a few distracting drones flying IN the fireworks—I guess there's always something!)

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