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Originally Posted by ishoot308 View Post
Having never been to the Center Harbor fireworks by boat, we were thinking about going to them tonight. Can someone tell me where they are set off from?

We normally go to either Wolfeboro or Alton and have enjoyed both of these shows. We are hoping the show at Center Harbor will be as good!

Thanks in advance!

We went to Center Harbor last year, and they were just ok. Not as good as years past in Wolfeboro, where we normally go as well.

They light them off from a barge just off the town beach/launch, so anywhere out there would be fine.

There definitely weren't as many boats as Wolfeboro, but the pinched exit may make egress as slow.

Assuming the wind dies down, we'll be heading to Wolfeboro tonight—looks like it'll be cool and dry (and dark with the remaining sliver of moon?).

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