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Originally Posted by tis View Post
Could you elaborate on the situation you have seen that didn't allow people to use their own home? I find this extreme and am sure it will be challenged. I have followed this on here and also on the Tuftonboro Forums. I have watched the two sides fight, but there must be something that happened that we don't know about .
There are situations, usually involving protective orders, that the court will order one person, usually the husband or wife, out of the house.

Your name may be on the deed but the court can keep you away from your own property.

In certain situations, people can be charged with trespassing or even burglarizing their own property. The issue most often comes up in cases involving domestic violence or during landlord-tenant disputes. Landlords cannot enter their own property that is rented to a tenant except in the case of emergency, like a water leak or fire.
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