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Originally Posted by GodSmile View Post
... it seems none of the no wake zones see much/any enforcement. Yet they keep making more no wake zones.
On Sunday, 6/27/2022 at about 11 AM the Marine Patrol had a boat just off Varney Point enforcing the new 'No Wake" zone between Varney Point and Locke's Island. When we went through he had a boat stopped.

Two hours later on the way back we followed a boat going through at normal speed.

It seems that it should be marked better and it is difficult to determine where it ends, at least on the south side. It is going to take a long time to educate people who have been going through that area for years that it is now No Wake.

I hope that, for this year, they are just informing people and not ticketing them. That positive interaction with Marine Patrol will go a long way for public relations.
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