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Originally Posted by Weekend Pundit View Post
I have a 1993 Eagle trailer used to haul my 1993 Wellcraft. At the moment I have no trailer lights. The wiring harness is brittle and cannot be patched any more, so I need to replace the harness and, quite likely, the lights.

The trailer is used only 4 times a year: hauling my boat from the ramp to my son's place to remove the gear and clean the boat in early November, hauling my boat from my son's place to the boatyard for winter storage, from the boatyard my son's place to clean the boat and return the gear into the boat, and to haul my boat from my son's place to the town boat ramp to launch my boat in May. This means I have about 7 months to rewire the trailer if not replace the harness and lights before I'll need it again. (I launched my boat yesterday, so the trailer is unburdened at the moment.)

Any suggestions anyone might be able to offer, either for me to find what I need to perform the replacement myself or for a shop that might be able to do so?

I will.
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