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Originally Posted by John Mercier View Post
We aren't going to go that way...
Far too many people of ''ill character'' that cannot be given the opportunity to be problematic.

We've clearly gone to boating licenses and restrictions on those operators that are too young to be licensed. We've made small moves toward non-residents having higher registration costs... much like other off-road recreational activities... and I suspect that power boaters will take the brunt of the latest economic situation.
Not sure I understand much of this response.

Boating licenses do virtually nothing as no one has to demonstrative their actual ability to operate the boat, its just a education certificate, and even the proctored component is worthless as they accept licenses from other states proctored or not.

Meaningful boater safety only comes with experience. Anything else is superficial.

Not sure how the economy or other comments about character or "We aren't going to go that way..." quite fit in, but for the moment I'll simply assume they are meaningful to others.
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