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My antique aluminum dock, maybe 65-years old(?), already has many rag-tag repairs throughout, and it got a little crunched again, by an incoming, wind driven, huge ice sheet on Sunday, so maybe its time to replace it?

So, where's to go to window shop one of those fancy-dancy aluminum docks with the removable mahogany deck within?

Middleton Lumber in Meredith has something called a 4x8' cedar/aluminum dock kit - Tommy Docks for 226.95/ea .... ?

One more year, and my olde docke will qualify for its own social security account ...... can an aluminum dock get social security based on its' lack-of-work history?

Hey ApS ..... you ever think about paint'n your old pressure treated dock there with a 20-dollar gallon of grey paint from Walmart ...... could go a long way to shedding all that water, and keep'n it dry?

Grey is the #1 best color for docks ...... beige, brown, dark red ...... nothing comes close to plain medium grey!
Down & out, livn that Walmart side of the lake!

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