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Originally Posted by baygo View Post
... Among one of the recent bills is the introduction of a change to unemployment policies. An employee must be fired or laid off to collect benefits today. If passed it will soon be acceptable for people to collect up to 75% of their earnings if they quit their job. A whole generation of snowflakes will quit because their feelings got hurt when criticized for not doing a good job. ...
We got rid of welfare and since then people have been working hard to reinstate it in different ways; SSI payments for example.

The above bill would allow someone to work briefly, quit, and let the state (US) take care of them. It is a modified form of welfare and it is destructive to society since, as pointed out, some people won't work unless they HAVE to.

Some are worried that extended COVID benefits are encouraging some not to go back to work, even though they now could.

As a society, how many times do we have to do stupid stuff before we JUST SAY NO.
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