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Default Everybody’s an employer at one time or another.

You’re traveling on the road and stop for dinner. You sit down and it takes 45 minutes for the waiter to take your order, even though he looked at you six times while sending text messages on his phone. He took your order and got it all wrong. Delivered your food to the wrong table. Neglected to bath that day. Started yelling at you and called you ugly. How much will you tip?

We would all live in a better world if we focused on imposing a minimum effort policy opposed to a minimum wage.

Among one of the recent bills is the introduction of a change to unemployment policies. An employee must be fired or laid off to collect benefits today. If passed it will soon be acceptable for people to collect up to 75% of their earnings if they quit their job. A whole generation of snowflakes will quit because their feelings got hurt when criticized for not doing a good job.

As an employer are you willing to gamble the training wage on a person as well as take on the responsibility of paying their unemployment if it doesn’t work out? And if that training wage goes up by mandate?
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