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There is only one source of linear compressor I would trust: HiBlow. While Pentair is a wonderful company, you have to understand that linear compressors are a commodity item (manufactured offshore) and are marketed worlwide by many, many wholesalers & distributers. It has been my experience that HiBlow (manufactured and distributed by Takatsuki) is the only brand (my opinion, only) which provides long term consistent sales, service, and parts availability. Other 'flavor of the day' brands come and go by the month.

Linear compressors are an electrical reactive load which leads to all sorts of problems ..... one of which results in 'consumer grade' circuit interrupters to unnecessarily trip. These compressors should be installed (again, my opinion, only) on a dedicated circuit without any GFCI or AFCI. You indicated that the lights were on the same circuit .... remove them. I would also recommend that an alarm be installed in the air circuit which triggers a buzzer when the pressure goes too low; alerting you to a problem.

If the compressor has not been functioning for quite a while it is not too big a deal ...... as long as no appreciable solids have been flowing into your leaching field. Any septic system will fail if the leaching field is 'fed' a large diet of solids. An aerobic system is typically very efficient in separating the solids. But all bets are off when, for lack of oxygen or the system is pushed beyond its designed capacity, it biologically crashes. The good news is that when the compressor resumes operation and supplies oxygen to the middle chamber, the bacterial colony will re-establish itself within a month or so.

Have all three tanks pumped and the entire system inspected.
Replace or rebuild the compressor.
Put the compressor on its own circuit.
Install an air pressure alarm.
Enjoy (and smile every time you flush the toilet)!
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