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Originally Posted by The Real BigGuy View Post
A long time ago I asked marine patrol if I could shoot water balloons at NWZ violators to make them slow. “Nope, it would be considered assault. Long stream squirt gun? Nope! Paintballs? Nope! Potatoes from a potato gun? NOTHING!”

It was fun to think about anyway!

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I was going through the NWZ between Bear and Pine the other day and saw a jet ski go though without even slowing down. I told my daughter I was going to flag them down and ask them if they knew it was a NWZ or if they chose to ignore it (there were numerous boats in the NWZ going slow). She was mortified I would even think of doing so I opted to prevent her the embarrassment. Still, though, I often wonder, do people not care or are they unaware?
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