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Default New Glendale No Wake Zone

Is a joke. It doesn't cover the area that is/was the identified "problem". The 40 footers come out of Fay's....and get on plane at the no wake marker. They drive by south of Locke's putting up 5 footers that roll into Locke's and slam the exposed docks and boats.

One of the landowners was patrolling the new zone on her jetski telling everyone it is no wake at Pig Island.

Seems like poor use of "LAKELIFE" time if it is spent as auxiliary marine patrol. Lose your mind or change location? The only way to rectify the "problem" would have been to extend the the NWZ out to the red marker east of Glendale off Locke's. Then you would upset the sailboat and yacht owners in a hurry to get where they are going. Except for Moultonboro Bay everything is fairly easy access from Glendale. When a person is relaxing .... enjoying quality "LAKELIFE" time I'm not sure what's the rush?

We probably need a "LAKELIFE" manual, it would sell like hotcakes and everyone would know how to live their "best" lives at least while in NH.
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